Daily musings about love and life!



Why do we forget ourselves? Caring for others, being sensitive to them is all well and good. But never sacrifice your happiness for others. You deserve your greatest attention. 


When life gives you lemons.

When life goes downhill every now and then, and if betrayal lies at the centre of the matter, then one wonders how this world is really meant to run......... Warsi sums up this feeling of despondency so well....


Endless Restlessness.

I wrote this around a few months back. These lines came from the realization that one never feels settled. Priorities keep changing, desires keep changing. 


Kabhi khud ko bhi jaan lo!

I believe that lot of things feel unsorted and messed up in life because we do not give time to ourselves..to ponder over what we really want...what will make us happy...


Sigh :(

Harsh, harsh world! 

Whenever I go through heartbreaks, I really wonder whether it is me who is in the wrong or has the world wronged me.

(These lines are by David Jones.)


Yes, it will be okay!

The lines say it all. Everything will be okay. It will be. 

Repeat and believe.


STAY. Please.

Beautiful words by Marie Jo Schwarz. 

I do not know why it becomes so difficult to express that you need someone. That you want them to stay close. That you do not want them to leave. Why we find it so difficult to leave our ego behind.


Self Love.

We sometimes forget that we punish ourselves the most. We are too hard on ourselves. Too critical of ourselves. 

Let yourself be. Breathe.


Positive Thinking helps.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.