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Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!


About Me

Tina at 25


My life changed at the age of 22.

 This personal blog is an insight into my work, passions and interests. A bird's eye view of the life I live at present.

Current posting


I am presently posted as Sub Divisional Magistrate at Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

I was given this assignment in October 2018. With this charge, I got the opportunity to be the Returning Officer for Bhilwara 180 Assembly Constituency in Rajasthan Assembly Elections of 2018.



Delhiite. Kashmiri Bahu. IAS, in that order.

I am graduate in Political Science from LSR, Delhi University. 

I cleared UPSC exam in the year 2016 and joined the IAS in the same year. I was under training for the next two years and received my first posting in October 2018. 

I got married in March 2018.